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Muhammed Esau

Voucher Winner!
“The TSIBA Course was interesting, of great importance and is a great skill to have. Thank you very much for the opportunity. Thank you to The Knowledge Trust and TSIBA. As a student I am now able to purchase essential items for my future studies.”

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31 July 2021
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16 August 2021
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19 February

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Siphamandla Hlebo

Great New Job!
“Two weeks ago, I started my new job – I would like to thank The Knowledge Trust for the opportunity, opportunities like these are rare and more so during a pandemic. Work is scarce so I’m extremely grateful, thankful and keen to take on the challenge in a new field. The job is really exciting, it’s been great and those I work with at Totalstay are really awesome people, its like we are family.”

Lindokuhle Lamiiez

Bounty Winner!
“Thank you sooo much. Winning means a lot to me, not the money that I won but the effort that I put to help the community. I told myself that I want to put an effort into this program and help our youth to receive such opportunities. I appreciate it and I promise to keep on sharing these opportunities for South African youth. Thank You.”

Zamalunga Malunga

Laptop Winner!
“Wow I’m in tears, thank you so much. I’m so excited because I really needed a laptop for my studies. Thank you so much! I’ve been sharing opportunities on Twitter and Telegram groups and also Facebook and WhatsApp groups. This is great news, I’m so excited thank you!”

Jodie Esterhuizen

Great New Job!
“I’m grateful for this opportunity. I applied for a few jobs on The Knowledge Trust before which I didn’t get but I was successful in this one, I also got a response quite fast. My few days with Simpletech has been so great and exciting, I’ve already learnt so much.”

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