4 Reasons Your Application Was Rejected

You Were Not Qualified 

This is the most popular reason for rejection that we see. Most job descriptions are clear about what qualification and experience is required for the job. 

Remember that these are not recommendations, but REQUIREMENTS. 

If you are trying to apply for a graphic design internship with a biochemistry degree and no design experience, they’re not going to pursue your application. 

You Don’t Fit Their Profile 

This one hurts the most. This is where things like your age, your ethnicity, how close they need you to live to the job, and other factors come into play. Unfortunately, the importance of your qualifications and experience can be minimized in the light of company profile requirements. 

You’ve just got to dust yourself off, and turn the rejection into a redirection. 

Your CV Needs Work 

Your CV is a representation of yourself – if it’s messy and full of mistakes, how do you think that makes you seem to the employer? If you’re ignoring typos on your CV, you’re lowering your chances of success. 

One of our mentors wrote a blog post on writing a great CV, read it here.

Your cover letter could also be selling you short. A cover letter is a great opportunity to highlight your strengths and why you think you are perfect for the job. It’s important to find the balance between humble and confident. 

They Promoted Someone

Believe it or not, businesses can get FOMO… 

Well, kind of. They have a fear of missing out on a better candidate. Even though they might be considering filling the position with an existing employee, they still open the hiring process up to the public. 

If you make it through to the interview stages and then get rejected, ask for feedback! Find out what you could be doing better or differently, and give yourself the best chance.

We know that it’s difficult to keep your spirits high when your application is unsuccessful. But, it’s important to remember that what is meant for you, will find you. 

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