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The core of our mission and entire reason for our existence is accessibility. Our mission is to make education more accessible to more people, more often. That mission also extends to jobs. Our goal is to breakdown barriers and give many more deserving South Africans access to opportunities. We are currently working on opportunities specifically designed for people with disabilities, but we aren’t connected with these individuals in order to change their lives yet. We would really love to provide a space for young people to get equal access to any opportunities we have on hand.

Help us, help you!

We believe in serving our community, through understanding and communicating their needs and creating a meaningful platform. As we grow and learn as an organization, we want to be more intentional in being inclusive and diverse. So, help us, help you! If you are an individual with a disability, or any other aspect that makes seeking opportunities more difficult, sign up today!

Over 3 Million South Africans

Over 3 million South Africans live with disabilities – as a result, it’s imperative for us to be aware and cognisant of what these are, specifically in the workplace. We need to learn and understand the types of disabilities in order to build more inclusive and diverse environments for everyone. We use “disability” as an umbrella term for physical impairments, learning challenges, mental illnesses, activity limitations and any participatory restrictions – learning to embrace and work with these differences is the first step to a better and united workforce.

Some of the most common disabilities which will allow you to apply as a member with a disability are cerebral palsy, loss of one or more limbs, (physical impairment), glaucoma (visual impairment), conductive hearing loss (deaf/hearing impairment) and autism (intellectual disability) – to name a few. All these contribute to the challenges that many people face in trying to find work in South Africa.

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