Portal Publishing Supports Knowledge Trust On Their Mission To Make Education Accessible

Portal Publishing works throughout the year to help young people who are trying to get access to education and training opportunities.

Because it’s what we’ve been doing for 18 years, we have always been happy to help assist Knowledge Trust in their many exciting ventures to help make education more accessible. ¬†“When Jaryd first came to me with his idea for a Whatsapp Expo I was, as I always am, impressed by his enthusiasm and creativity,” explained Portal Publishing CEO Alan Hammond.

Knowledge Trust has always done incredible work when it came to providing opportunities for employment and training to the youth of South Africa and with their new initiative, they continue doing what they do best. R20 million in bursaries could very well be the beginning of turning around the life of someone who thought they would not be able to study and have their hand at success.

Portal Publishing has always had the view that this is what we get up for in the morning and why we do the work we do, to provide equal access to opportunities and help forge paths to success.

One of the sites published by Portal Publishing, Careers Portal, is a platform where unemployed graduates and future students can find the latest internships, learnerships, bursaries and graduate opportunities. They can also find career advice such as how to apply for jobs and prepare for the post-Matric world.

Anyone can access The Careers Portal by visiting https://www.careersportal.co.za

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