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Curiosity is the appetite for knowledge, the best-kept secret by creative people, and the ability to always be inquisitive. If you don’t ask the question why enough.

We’re here to help feed your mental appetite our curiosity nano-course

To kick start the new year and cross off our bucket list items and possibly add more. The Knowledge Trust in association with Ian Leslie Invites you to explore the desire to learn. I

Ian Leslie is a well-renowned author with an interest in human behaviour. In his book “Curious: The Desire to Know and Why Your Future Depends On It”, he challenges our desire to know and get curious.

A curious mindset is an important tool in personal and professional development. Playing a key role in employability, job performance, and education. It simply requires you to ask the question “why” and develop new interests based on that.

The programme will be delivered on WhatsApp and you can gain access to the Member success programme on completion.

Member Success Program

Once the nano course is complete, you will then qualify to join the Member Success Program, where each of the activities you take part in increases your membership status on our platform.

This program provides you with plenty of resources to improve your employability in a secure and supportive environment. The program includes:

Completing the nano course earns you a FREE TICKET to a Curiosity MASTERCLASS, where you get up-close & personal expert knowledge with a practical assignment that earns you a certificate at the end! The masterclass gives you an opportunity to tackle real-life applications on curiosity and the chance to connect with other members of The Knowledge who have completed the course.

Those who attend the masterclasses will be selected for our podcast recordings where we will be delving deeper into curiosity, and our shared experiences. If you wish to connect on a deeper level with others, you can then join a Growth Circle where you will have peer-to-peer support, mentorship & self-development in a confidential environment for 12months+.

The Member Success Program also offers progress reports that can be shared with your employer or education institution to help you gain permanent employment from your exemplary efforts.

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