Upload Your Documents

Upload your documents 📃

In order to complete your one-click-apply profile, we need you to upload your CV and a voice note. You have the choice to do this on the website or on WhatsApp.

Upload your CV and voice note 📲

If you don’t have a voice recorder on your phone, please scroll down and you can use ours 🙂

Please note: Once you have completed uploading your CV and voice note, you will need to return back to the job page to apply for the role

Use the tools below to record your voicenote and compress your CV if needed. When you are done recording, you will need to download the recording and upload it on the form above.

Voice recorder

Please use this voice note to tell us about yourself in 30 - 60 seconds

  1. click on 'record' and begin speaking. (Tell us about yourself in 30 - 60 seconds)
  2. Once you are done speaking, click on 'stop'
  3. When you click on 'stop', you will see your voice recording pop up right below. You can listen to it and decide if you'd like to proceed with it.
  4. If happy, go ahead and click 'download to your device'. If not happy, you can record again.
  5. The file will download to your device then you should scroll down the page and click on the 'Which Document do you want to upload' dropdown
  6. Select 'voicenote' and proceed to upload your downloaded voice note file and submit
  7. Click on the 'Which Document do you want to upload' dropdown again to submit your CV, then proceed to upload your CV and submit.


Format: start recording to see sample rate


    File compresors

    You can use the tools below to compress your files if they are too large

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