Creativity for Business Growth

Cost: R1,900

Creativity is more than just art.

In an increasingly competitive business world, both individuals and companies need to perform at their highest level.

As the number of jobs and services become automated what will it take to not just survive but thrive?

In a word: Creativity.

It’s the most valuable currency for any organisation or employee. Why?

Because creativity can’t be automated and it’s the one thing that can set you apart from your competition.

This course is for anyone wanting to increase their creative capabilities and come up with better ideas, whether as an individual or as a company.

We will share over 50 case studies that demonstrate the power of creativity to add to the bottom line, and give you easy-to-use tools you can put into practice straight away.

Those who develop their creative skills will be at a distinct advantage now and in the future

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Most e-learning is like eating broccoli – you know it’s good for you, but it’s not that enjoyable. So we’ve built a platform to change that and make learning something that you can really enjoy. Courses are designed at an MBA level, so you’ll learn the key models, methods and best practice in a short amount of time. We focus on the key skills needed in today’s fast-paced, increasingly automated world, essentially we look for subjects you should have been taught at school but probably weren’t.
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