Full Stack Web and Software Engineer Bootcamp

R 69,500.00 R 62,550.00

What's the Story?

Learn to code through our new, blended method of learning proven to get you coding better and entering the workplace faster. Begin with the basic concepts of web development, software engineering, and database management and then progress to highly advanced programming methods and techniques. This bootcamp uses well-paced, structured modules to teach you HTML, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, Java and SQL, as well as PHP and the MERN stack. Regular capstone projects ensure that you can create functional applications, websites and programs of your own, just as you would in any tech job.

Skills & Requirements

Must demonstrate skills in logical thinking and problem solving and therefore complete an application that assesses the way you think about and approach problems.

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What Details do I Need to Know?


11 January 2021

Registrations Close On 10/01/2021


3 Months

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Full Stack Web and Software Engineer Bootcamp

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