Marketing Management Level 1

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Have you ever wondered how our groceries, clothing, cell phones, computers, cars (and just about every other other product in the world) is made available – so we can conveniently buy them – when and where we choose?

Welcome to the dynamic, exciting world of marketing! Described by many as the “heartbeat”; “engine room” and “language” of business, the marketing function is how and where companies make their money (through sales and profits) and build their position and reputation in the market. It also includes many other sub-functions; including advertising, selling, product and brand management, customer service management and distribution management (to name but a few).

This is what Marketing Management Level 1 is all about: to show you the “big picture” view of marketing; so you can see and understand how all the different pieces fit together – and how they can be successfully managed. [This course is also closely aligned to the SAQA registered qualification: FET Certificate (Marketing) at NQF Level 4. Qualification ID: 67464].

We will take a look at a wide spectrum of marketing principles and practices – from traditional marketing techniques to the latest interactive, digital marketing systems and techniques used today. We will also take a close (and detailed) look at the exciting world of digital marketing and digital media. Starting with a brief overview of its history, we then explain the basic ‘nuts and bolts’ of digital marketing (how it works), with a summary of the basic skills you’ll need, and the many exciting (highly paid) job opportunities available for digital marketing specialists today.

Finally, the knowledge and skills of a marketing manager all comes together during the implementation of a marketing campaign. We will look at what it is, what are its parts (elements), its basic purposes, and how we can properly plan for and successfully manage a marketing campaign – which can set the stage for a company’s long-term success in the market place!

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Marketing Management Level 1

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