Marketing Strategy

Cost: R1,900

Welcome to Marketing Strategy, a collaboration between WARC and Cannes Lions.

This course will examine the insights and methods behind successful marketing strategies and equip you with the necessary practical skills as well as templates to help you plan, execute and measure your own campaigns.


You will learn the fundamental practical methods covering everything from the research phase, to objectives, KPIs, customer journeys, to briefing and evaluation.


The best news is you’ll be learning from some of the industries best strategic leaders as well as getting exclusive inspiration from Cannes Lions award-winning case studies and research papers from the WARC archive.

Best of all this course is designed to be enjoyable and jargon-free, so everything is in plain English, no prior experience required, upon passing you’ll get a WARC / Cannes Lions certification in Marketing Strategy.

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Most e-learning is like eating broccoli – you know it’s good for you, but it’s not that enjoyable. So we’ve built a platform to change that and make learning something that you can really enjoy. Courses are designed at an MBA level, so you’ll learn the key models, methods and best practice in a short amount of time. We focus on the key skills needed in today’s fast-paced, increasingly automated world, essentially we look for subjects you should have been taught at school but probably weren’t.
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