Marvellous Maids Domestic Work: Essentials of Housekeeping

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One million South Africans are domestic workers (constituting around 8% of the country’s total workforce). Among the many duties of a domestic worker are jobs such as cleaning, washing, and tidying. Those that are better at the requirements of domestic work can often find better jobs and earn more money.

Topics in the domestic skills course include everything from scrubbing the floors to washing the dishes to making the beds. These jobs are often done incorrectly, or in an inefficient manner. The course is highly focused on maintaining a great working relationship with the employer, and includes many of the softer skill requirements. The content gives a balance between tried-and-tested principles, and practical advice.

After completing this course, you will have taken a positive step towards being better equipped in domestic work and housekeeping.

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Marvellous Maids Domestic Work: Essentials of Housekeeping

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