Paid Advertising And Web Analytics Course

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The digital marketing world as we know it would no longer exist if it were not for paid advertising. Paid advertising has changed the landscape of marketing and redefined many job roles in the marketing field as we have understood these for many years. See below if this Paid Advertising and Web Analytics Course is for you.

In this advanced paid advertising course you will learn all about the different channels of paid advertising from search engine advertising to display and social media advertising. You will also learn how to optimise your adverts and tailor these to suit the needs of your business and target market’s profiles and needs.

You will learn the different payment methods used for these channels and how to pick and design approaches that are suited for your business objectives.

Understanding web analytics and how to optimise your campaigns based on this data is an added benefit to your career prospects in the field of digital marketing and the (DSM) Digital School of Marketing will enable you to fulfil both these functions with ease and absolute capability.

The Digital School of Marketing is locally accredited through MICT SETA and is internationally endorsed by the CPD services body of the United Kingdom. Therefore your course is locally and internationally transferable and endorsed.

PPC managers are high in demand in any company and marketing agency. They are not only well paid but well respected as strategic decision makers in the marketing and advertising field.

After completing this course you will be well on your way to be able to enter the job market or increase your position as a comprehensive Paid Advertising (PPC) and Web Analytics Specialist.

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Paid Advertising And Web Analytics Course

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