Perishable Food Management

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Perishable Food Handling Principles and Practice will introduce students to the specialised area of perishable foods. This includes all fresh, chilled, frozen and hot foods within the retail environment. These food products all need to be stored, moved and hygienically handled within a specific temperature range, to ensure optimal product quality and safety of consumers. Students will then be introduced to the “cold chain”: what it is, how it works, and how it must be maintained at all times, to ensure fresh, frozen or chilled food quality and safety for consumers.

Students will also learn more about the basics of food safety and hygiene (which we all need to know!), how to properly store and display, package and safely dispose of perishable foods in the retail environment.

As always, the material is presented in a conversational, practical way, with enjoyable, stimulating activities throughout, which will bring this course to life for you!

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Perishable Food Management

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