PHP & MySQL Course

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What's the Story?

PHP with MySQL


In this PHP and MySQL course, you will learn all the important aspects of developing dynamic content for websites. You will learn how to code PHP and manage forms. You will also learn how to interact with databases using PHP. Finally, we will look at how to implement PHP code into a website.


You will start by learning the syntax (the way we write the code) of PHP and all the basic functions. You will then learn more advanced PHP techniques and how to use it to build advanced websites.


You will also learn how to work with MySQL and connect to databases using PHP. As with all our courses, this PHP course will be practical, step-by-step instructions. You will actually build something while learning PHP and MySQL. This course will cover all the basics and more advanced techniques. The course is easy to follow and grasp.


PHP is a powerful, free server-side language which is relatively easy to learn for those who have never programmed before. PHP and MySQL are a cost-effective but powerful solution to building database-driven Websites which can be developed and deployed on either Windows or Unix(Linux)servers.

Skills & Requirements

Pre-requisit: Introduction To Web Design – HTML & CSS

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Full time on campus

2 Days: 09:00 - 14:00

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PHP & MySQL Course

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