Restaurant Service Basics

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This course is designed to teach some basic principles on Table and Restaurant Service. This course discusses the servers’ job, types of establishments, and different types of service, including French, Russian, English, American Banquet, Family-style, Buffets and more. Current issues such as The Waiter, Safety, Sanitation and Emergency Services, Technology Services in the Restaurant and Food & Beverage Services are discussed. The text walks the reader through the dining experience from, Before the Guests arrive, and Initiating Service by using Technical Skills and displaying the Energy, Passion and Commitment the Waiter should have.

Employment opportunity for a Waiter can result in a lifetime occupation. The challenge is excellent but with hard work and determination to succeed, you will be rewarded not only financially, but also with a set of technical life skills and a feeling of accomplishment.

After completing this course, you will have taken a positive step towards being better equipped in Restaurant Service.

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Restaurant Service Basics

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