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What's the Story?

Social Media Marketing Short Course


Social media is a new way to use the web. It’s a trendy term to describe a new kind of mass media. It involves both listening, and talking. Blogging, tweeting, ‘friend request’ and fan pages. The lexicon of the modern world. Twitter is all the rage. Facebook has over 1 billion users. Anyone that has a product or service must be on these social channels.


Our Social Media Marketing course will teach you how to create all the accounts, how to customise different pages and how to fully take advantage of these social networks. You will learn how to integrate the different feeds into your or your clients websites. Being able to build custom Facebook pages is a well sought after skill.


Learn how to create engaging content and how to increase your fans and followers. You will also learn how to create additional pages within a custom Facebook page, basically building a mini website on Facebook. You will also learn how to create a competition with data capturing on Facebook. Finally we will look at blogging and how to incorporate all the social media widgets within your website or blog.


This is a Great Social Media Marketing Course for students wanting to add to their list of services offered. As with all our courses, this course is also practical and easy to grasp.

Skills & Requirements

Pre-requisit: Introduction To Web Design – HTML & CSS

Apply Directly With Web Design Academy

You need a Trusted Profile before applying for this course.

What Details do I Need to Know?


Full time on campus

1 Day: 09:00 - 14:00

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Social Media Course

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