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‘Creative’ individuals may ask themselves whether they are able to channel their ‘creativity’ into a career. “Is it possible to make a living from being ‘arty’?”. I think this is a very valid question, and one that is more than likely going to be asked by the parents of these creatively-inclined ‘career-hopefuls’. The answer is ‘yes’…most certainly. In fact there are many career paths available to ‘creatively-inclined’ students namely; Graphic Design, Interior Design, Photography, Fine-Art, Textile Design, Fashion Design and the list goes on.

Something very important to note is that creativity is unique, because when its outcomes are successful, they generally stemmed from the unquantifiable and immeasurable intuition, perception and subjective insight of some talented ‘creative’ professional. Over the years I have come to realize that this is a skill which can be channeled into a lucrative career. It is a skill that is respected by the industry as well as the clients being serviced by creative agencies.

The creative career direction we will be focusing on in this course is Graphic Design. This is the career path that I decided to take as a youngster who was acutely aware that my natural talent lay in the realm of the ‘creative’.

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