The Pathway to Advanced Skincare & Aesthetics

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What's the Story?

This Complete Package of all the essential subjects required
to excel and feel like professional Skin Specialist in the
Aesthetic Field. These subjects are ideal for those students
wanting to learn how to become a professional Aesthetic
Therapist with the ability to treat clients with varying skin
conditions and requirements by performing facial and body
treatments to combat ageing, fat reduction, skin sensitivity,
hair removal and rejuvenation, tattoo removal as well as acne
and skin rejuvenation amongst others.

The Core modules will provide a perfect platform to start a
career in this field.

On completion you may enter the Madge Wallace Exams along with
ITEC International aligned Diploma Courses.

  1. Facial Therapy : Practical: Cleanse, tone, skin analysis, deep cleanse, eyebrow tinting & shaping, massage,
    mask and moisturize as well as providing Client Care & post treatment advice. Theory: Facial therapy theory, related
    Anatomy & Physiology, Hygiene & Sterilisation
  2. Dermatology : A comprehensive subject that looks at the various skin conditions and treatments.
    It is a purely theory subject that works nicely in conjunction with other skincare modalities to provide a deep
    understanding of the skin, its conditions and preparation for treatments within practice. Incorporates applied Anatomy
    related to the Skin (Integumentary system)
  3. Chemistry : Chemistry, including Cosmetic, Organic & Inorganic is taught as a core subject when understanding the role that Therapist plays when working with Professional Products. This knowledge is applied when working with various ingredients, machinery and Professional Brands when recommending and working with a client’s face and body.
  4. Additional subjects : not included but recommended for valuable understanding and further knowledge.

Advanced Aesthetics :

Module A : Theory related to the Industry & Electrolysis
The Theory related to Advanced Skincare & Body Treatments using Aesthetic Methods available in the market:
 Epilation, Blemish Removal
 Botox & Dermal Fillers
 Skin Sensitivity & Acne
 Microdermabrasion, Laser & IPL
 Skincare Peels, Dermarollers / Microneedling

 Electrolysis – an original system in hair removal – effective in creating an understanding of currents and working
with pin-point precision before moving onto the advanced laser techniques. With Demonstrations in other
technology available to enhance your foundational knowledge.

Module B: Professional Aesthetic Treatments
 Facial Treatments with the use of Professional Advanced Skincare Products to treat Ageing, Acne, Sensitivity & other skin conditions with the use of: Chemical Peels } Lactifirm / Beta Peels DermaRollers / Microneedling
 Professional Product Training

Module C: Professional Aesthetic Laser Training (10 Lasers & 32 applications)
 Cavitation & Slimming } Cellulite Reduction & Slimming / body contouring
 IPL } Hair Removal; Skin Rejuvenation; Treatment of Pigmentation, spider veins, acne & scarring
 Radio Frequency } to treat ageing, skin tightening & vaginal tightening
 HIFU } Non-Surgical Face Lift, Skin Tightening, Liposonix & Vaginal Tightening
 ND Yag } Tattoo Removal, Carbon Laser Facials, treatment of Pigmentation & Spider veins
 Plasmapen } Skin Tightening incl. upper eyelids, Removal of skin tags, removal of spider veins, & pigmentation, as well as non-professional tattoos.
 Shockwave } Erectile Vitality, Soft Tissue Treatment
 LED } Skin Rejuvenation, treatment of Pigmentation & Spider veins, acne & scarring, wrinkle reduction
 LLLT } Laser hair Regrowth. Co2 Coolift } Instant wrinkle reduction

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12 months

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The Pathway to Advanced Skincare & Aesthetics

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