TSIBA Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills

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The course is developed and endorsed by TSiBA Business School. Conflict is driven, managed and resolved at an emotional level. Emotions in turn, are shaped by the subconscious mind, preconceptions and perceptions, but also by new information. This belongs to the fields of psychology and sociology and involve unfamiliar and academic terminology. Initially, this may be somewhat confusing, but the picture will become clearer and the relevance of these concepts will become self-explanatory.

Negotiation is a much wider concept than is commonly understood. The average person negotiates numerous times per day. These negotiations are not necessarily obvious or dramatic, and most of the time they are not relationship or situation killers in the short term. However, over time they could have an enormous effect on people’s lives.

The purpose of this course is not only to impart knowledge. Knowledge of conflict and negotiation is good, but not good enough. The correct behaviour in this regard is often counter-intuitive, and a proper internalisation process is required before one can expect a real improvement in performance. It is recommended that students start compiling a list of the things that strike them about their own natural style from the first day. This will assist in developing a customised, personal blueprint for negotiation.

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TSIBA Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills

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