Via Afrika 6 Strategies to Maintain Classroom Discipline

What's the Story?

When the National Education Department banned the use of corporal punishment in schools, many teachers were left with the feeling that their hands had been tied, or even cut off! They felt stripped of their authority and their ability to discipline their learners. This has resulted in a deteriorating situation in many schools where staff are unmotivated and learners seem to do as they please. Parents blame the school for learners’ bad behaviour, and schools blame the home for the same thing. This course has been designed to put the power back into teachers’ hands with regards to discipline and control in the classroom. It will lead you through ways in which to make sure this happens, leading to a win-win situation for everyone. Discipline leads to success, so play your part!

Who should be doing this course?

Discipline is the most talked about and least understood part of schooling by both teachers and parents. This course is designed to provide teachers (and parents) with understanding, guidance and ideas on what discipline is, how it should be applied and its role in teaching and learning.

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Via Afrika 6 Strategies to Maintain Classroom Discipline

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