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Who is Exxaro?

Exxaro is one of South Africa’s largest black-empowered resource companies. The organisation is among the top five coal producers in South Africa, and a constituent of the JSE’s Top 40 index. Exxaro operates in both the Mpumalanga and Limpopo regions, where the country’s highest coal resource concentrations can be found. 80% of the coal is sold to domestic markets, with the balance sold internationally. Exxaro strives for excellence in everything they do. Exxaro is more than just a mining business: they strongly believe in making a positive impact in the world. 

Exxaro’s purpose is to power better lives in Africa and beyond, by responsibly investing in commodities that will sustain life on the continent. 

What's the story?

Exxaro has established a Graduate programme into which young talent is recruited, trained and prepared for successful careers in the organisation. The purpose of this Graduate programme, referred to as the PIT (Professional-in-Training) programme, is to ensure a consistent flow of suitable young professionals into the organisation, taking into consideration the Employment Equity Plans of the various employers in the Exxaro Group of Companies.
The key outcome of the programme is to provide the organisation with a pipeline of talent for critical positions in the core and support disciplines on the Paterson D-bands as well as specific scarce/critical positions in the Paterson C-Upper band.
During this period participants will complete training outcomes against a structured development plan.


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