FAQs (Insider Sessions)

Frequently Asked Questions

Insider Sessions

These are the most commonly asked questions about our Insider Sessions

Sure, if you’re looking to help out then you can either contact our email address – [email protected], or you can make contact with our socials (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Someone from the team will be more than happy to hear you out.

Also, if you get contacted to take part in an Insider Session, you’ll be able to share your ideas directly with one of our team members during your call.

These are direct calls that you will be able to receive from members of The Knowledge Trust team! They provide the perfect opportunity to air any grievances, say what you really appreciate from us, or even pitch any ideas that you might have.

If you’re going to take part in one, make sure to take notes or jot down any questions that you might have for us. You’ll never get a better opportunity to let your feelings known.

If you can no longer make the session due to unforeseen circumstances it’s always best to contact someone from the team to let them know you can’t make the agreed-upon time and when the best time to reschedule would be.

You will have been contacted by a member of the team, so it would be best to either email them explaining your situation, or give them a quick call to let them know you can’t make it and when the best time would be to reschedule.

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