Freight Management

Transport and Freight Controller Internship

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Who is Freight Management?

Freight Management is a Freight forwarder and custom Broker, that is really just a fancy way of saying we are a travel agent for cargo the world. We handle all the planning, logistics, paperwork and customs formalities for the international movement of cargo. It’s an industry that has been around since the Dutch East India company rounded the Cape.

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We are looking to grow our team from the bottom up, the Freight industry is a complex one and normally take a while to get to grip with all the industry specifics
We are offering a chance for exposure to all the information and processes in our freight company, starting from the very bottom to the operations management of international cargo
You will spend a large amount of time interrogating the vast sea of industry documents and drawing comparisons from multiple data sources. This job suits the kind of person who is always asking why, why, why? 




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