Junior Project Coordinator

  • Full Time
  • western-cape
  • Salary: R8000 - R12 000
  • Jul 1, 2021
  • Full Time
  • western-cape
  • Salary: R8000 - R12 000
  • Jul 1, 2021


Blok is not just an urban property developer. We are an advocate of urban living and the opportunities it presents. Blok operates through thoughtfully designed product, community and customer experience. We see things differently and this allows us to look at our property market differently.

Everything we do needs to be excellent, not just good or good enough. We are individuals with strong opinions, but not opinionated. We are passionate, not pushy or arrogant. We love what we do and work as a team.


The role would encompass a variety of key functions being site administration, site coordination, snag management, construction site quality controls and project administration.



  • Represent Blok on site and coordinate teams w.r.tsnags
  • Communicate and manage all feedback from site to Development Team, where applicable
  • Documenting progress made on site via photography
  • Neighbour management on new and existing projects


  • Manage Blok email snagging platform and respond to all owner queries.
  • Access coordination:
  • Liaising with clients and owners in order to gain access into respective units to address snags of concern.
  • Liaise with contractor and client to arrange for investigations of historic projects where requested.


  • On site unit and building reviews during construction, checking unit layouts and client customization is in line with the product built on site
  • Managing the completion of communal snags and signing off on Snag R
  • Weekly snag meeting with main contractor
  • Communicating timelines of completion to Development Team
  • Re-issuing snag completion letters to owners where required.
  • Confirming laps of leak monitoring periods and issuing respective completion letters


  • Communicating to Managing agent regarding building snags(provide regular updates on progress made on communal snags).
  • Directing building related queries from clients to the managing agent,
  • Acting as a trustee(authorizing approvals, checking service agreements, liaising with BC).


  • 5.1. with potential suppliers and meeting with them to understand offerings
  • Facilitating the confirmation of in unit specifications(eg viewing samples).
  • Notifying Blok of any unit & design changes made by professionals .
  • Managing the administration of customization deadlines
  • Preparing for meetings and updating systems accordingly (MS Teams) .
  • Closing snags recorded on Snag R, ensuring Snag R is an accurate representation of work being completed on site & Managing Snag R backend systems


  • Issue legacy snag reports.
  • Internal progress reporting to Development Team


  • General adhoc duties as the company sees fit.
  • Digitalizing and hard copy filing where necessary.
  • Preparation of any presentations where necessary.


Qualifications and Experience

+Strong attention to detail & highly organized.
+Excellent understanding and communication of the English Language.
+Competent in Excel, Outlook and Word(MS Office Suite) and good at learning new software.
+Positive and professional attitude and appearance.

•Salary: Between R8,000/month and R12,000/

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