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Learn to code with expert 1-on-1 mentorship. Our online coding bootcamps will
take you from absolute beginner to job ready in just 3 to 6 months.

Take your pic from Software Engineering, Web Development or Data Science and choose between full time (3 months) and part time (6 months).

The details

Your Course Options

Full Stack Web Development

Master frontend and backend web development to build powerful and database-driven web apps using HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node.js, MongoDB, Express, and React.

Data Science

Learn to use classic machine learning models and popular data science tools like scikit-learn, NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib and pandas to read, analyse and work with data.

Software Engineering

Go from newbie to software engineer in no time. Master backend engineering in Python & Java, software development principles, and key concepts in data structures, and algorithms.

What's included?

Learning Schedule

Self-paced and online, you commit 10-20 hours per week.

Expert Feedback

Quality, professional comments on all coding submissions.


Help whenever you're stuck from your mentor or your student community.

Post Bootcamp

Career coaching, interview preparation, hiring networks.

Capped Tasks

Complete up to 25 coding tasks each month.

360-Degree Support

Code review & feedback within 48 hours on weekdays.

About HyperionDev

HyperionDev is southern Africa’s largest tech education provider. It was founded in 2012, as a small grassroots movement of Computer Science students working towards a single goal: to build and deliver better technical education for anyone who wanted to learn digital literacy and programming skills.

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