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Emma Turner

Great New Job!
I would like to say a huge thank you to the The Knowledge Trust for providing such a great job-advertising platform. Three weeks ago I started a new part-time position and I am thoroughly enjoying it! What a great opportunity!

Phindile Ndaba

Great new job!
I’m halfway through my third week here at Lonehill, thanks to The Knowledge Trust. It’s a wonderful platform that links job seekers with suitable opportunities based on your CV. Opportunities are extremely scarce but The Knowledge Trust really does stretch itself to find you something, whether it be permanent or an internship. So I send my gratitude to the Knowledge Trust team, although it’s still early days.. I love it here at work!

Siphamandla Hlebo

Great New Job!
“Two weeks ago, I started my new job – I would like to thank The Knowledge Trust for the opportunity, opportunities like these are rare and more so during a pandemic. Work is scarce so I’m extremely grateful, thankful and keen to take on the challenge in a new field. The job is really exciting, it’s been great and those I work with at Totalstay are really awesome people, its like we are family.”

Lindokuhle Lamiiez

Bounty Winner!
“Thank you sooo much. Winning means a lot to me, not the money that I won but the effort that I put to help the community. I told myself that I want to put an effort into this program and help our youth to receive such opportunities. I appreciate it and I promise to keep on sharing these opportunities for South African youth. Thank You.”

Zamalunga Malunga

Laptop Winner!
“Wow I’m in tears, thank you so much. I’m so excited because I really needed a laptop for my studies. Thank you so much! I’ve been sharing opportunities on Twitter and Telegram groups and also Facebook and WhatsApp groups. This is great news, I’m so excited thank you!”

Jodie Esterhuizen

Great New Job!
“I’m grateful for this opportunity. I applied for a few jobs on The Knowledge Trust before which I didn’t get but I was successful in this one, I also got a response quite fast. My few days with Simpletech has been so great and exciting, I’ve already learnt so much.”
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Collen Kagiso

Bounty Winner!
“Thank you so much for granting me the opportunity to be a vacancies sharer and the opportunity to use your platform to get people jobs. I am glad that more people are joining your website and in turn getting hired. ”

Lehlohonolo Tsolo

Learnership Recipient!
“Thank you so much! This is an amazing opportunity, I’m learning so much. The great thing is that the company is a start-up so there is a lot of room for growth, I’m also able to show my skills and express my creativity.”

Sisipho Mhlophe

Bounty Winner!
“I feel more than amazing knowing that I had a hand in changing someone’s future and passing on an opportunity to better themselves. I am extremely happy.”

Rumbie Pamacheche

Great New Job!
“Things with Naked are going great. I was coming from an environment that wasn’t catering to my technical skills, so I wanted something that did. Applying to Naked Insurance and receiving the opportunity was icing on the cake. They are a tech company that sells insurance and I work in an environment that I want to grow into.”

Bobele Witness

Bounty Winner!
“I am very happy about winning, I am passionate about youth development so the prize will also assist me in being able to share more opportunities with youth again.”

Angelo Rewu

Learnership Recipient!
“I was contacted on Thursday and was told I got the Learnership. I feel so excited. This learnership is important to me because I now have a different outlook on life and a great opportunity to gain new knowledge.”

Dylan Jacobs

Learnership Recipient!
“I want to say thanks to you guys at The Knowledge Trust and the guidance that was given throughout the application process. The learnership is going really well. The best part is that I am really passionate about Digital Marketing, and I felt like receiving this opportunity was meant to be. I’m really enjoying it.”

Saliwe Bahera

Great New Job!
“I have started my job, it’s my second month now and it’s been really good. Everyone at BlueSky is very nice and helpful, you actually feel part of the team – so in that regard it’s been really great.”

Nomaphelo Dyanti

Great New Job!
“I’m currently being trained with Totalstay. I’m very grateful for this opportunity and I’m really looking forward to learning as much as I can in this position”.

Yolisa Jasoni

Great New Job!
“I’m feeling excited and anxious at the same time. The experience I had feels incredible because Fourways contacted me and said they found received my CV and information through The Knowledge Trust, and the fact that they chose me against 1000’s of applicants is incredible”

Sihle Rawuzela

Bounty Winner!
“I am very honored to have had the opportunity to apply for the learnership with The Knowledge Trust. I then thought why not share the opportunity with my friends on WhatsApp and those around me. By doing so I received R500 in cash! I am very grateful.”

Wendy Phunzwa

Learnership Recipient!
“My time with KFC has been really exciting, it’s a life-changing opportunity – so far, it’s also been great with The Knowledge Trust”

Phikolomzi Nonkwali

Learnership Recipient!
“Its been good and I’ve been enjoying myself – my experience was good with The Knowledge Trust and I’m grateful. It’s also really awesome as we also get a qualification which will be helpful.”

Sadie Jennings

Learnership Recipient!
“I’m really grateful for this opportunity because I get to get a qualification + work experience! The best part is that we get trained in managerial positions, so it guarantees more employment opportunities in the future. I’m loving it so far, the KFC management and staff are all very friendly.”

Asisipho Xabanisa

Learnership Recipient!
“Applying for the KFC learnership through The Knowledge Trust was very easy. They have an awesome support system and even though we have already started with learnership, they still check up on us to see if everything is still going well.”

Marlen Botha

Learnership Recipient!
“I really appreciate the opportunity, I was unemployed before this opportunity but now I can do the learnership and add value to my CV, so I’m grateful. This is beneficial to me and I’m thankful.”

Muziwandile Zwane

Learnership Recipient!
“I’m very grateful for the opportunity because we are learning and getting experience, so I’m very grateful. It’s manageable and I’m getting used to it.”

Zandile Ndamase

Learnership Recipient!
“I am grateful for the opportunity, it really came through for me just as I was job hunting for the year. Before I knew it, this learnership appeared and on top of that, The Knowledge Trust made everything easy and guided me through the whole process. Out of thousands of South African youth that applied, I am utterly happy to be one of the successful candidates.”

Aviwe Mtamzeli

Bursary Winner!
“Oh my god! Wow! I’m so excited. I was so concerned maybe I did something wrong or sent the wrong information, but I won the bursary! I’m so excited. My experience in terms of communication with the team was great.”

Solethu Bidla

Bounty Winner!
“I’m excited. I never thought I could win anything, ever. This to me means the beginning of many “yeses”, I’m claiming open doors and a shining light.”

Keketso Moshodi

Learnership Recipient!
“I’m very excited for this opportunity. I’m already learning a lot from this learnership. Everyday there are new challenges, as one could expect, but this just means I’m learning more each day.”

Unasiphi Nqabeni

Learnership Recipient!
“Thanks to your training and the workplace experience, I feel positive about my future and have set a personal development goal to keep growing. As a learner, the experience is teaching me about balancing different roles and goals. I enjoy putting what I learnt into practice and being challenged regularly. The experience and the qualification will empower my future and I’m extremely grateful.”

Ra’eesah Booley

Learnership Recipient!
“I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity. I’m only a week into the program and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. The people that I’m working with, the company and everyone involved in the learnership has been incredibly helpful and supportive and I’m excited for the year ahead!”

Ubaidullah Toefy

Learnership Recipient!
“Digital Marketing is the direction the entire world is moving in and I’m glad to be part of this. I’m glad to be part of the 2U and Red & Yellow learnership and eventually making a name for myself in this industry. I’m really grateful for this opportunity and I’m going to make the most of it”

Kristi-Nina Nzotoyi

Learnership Recipient!
“This was my first time ever applying for a job, and receiving an opportunity like this after completing my matric year meant so much to me, especially being given the opportunity to get a qualification.”

Jeschime Karriem

Bounty Winner!
“I am extremely excited to hear my contribution to getting Cape Town Employed is reaping rewards. I am a TSiBA Graduate and live by their values and sharing job opportunities is 1 of the aspects in which I pay it forward.”

Shawn Scharnick

Learnership Recipient!
“I’m truly grateful that I got the learnership. I was surprised to be honest, I didn’t think I’d get it because there were many people and many interviews so it seemed like a 50-50 chance but I got it and I’m overwhelmed and happy!”

Bhekiwe Gwinsta

Learnership Recipient!
“I’ve started the learnership and it’s great. It’s very exciting. I had a great experience with The Knowledge Trust too. The application process was much easier than it usually is and everything was very clear and comprehensive.”

Imrah Benjamin

Great New Job!
“Its been about a month working at this amazing company and I wouldn’t have had this opportunity if it wasn’t for The Knowledge Trust. You guys truly helped me in my job search as a recently graduated Designer. Thanks so much!”

Zamalunga Malunga

Bounty Winner!
“I’m happy I’m making a change in someone’s life, the more we share opportunities the better our economy will become and we’ll be able to defeat unemployment. Thank you for this platform where we’re all winning.”

Felicia Mngomezulu

Learnership Recipient!
“I’ve started the learnership and it’s great. It’s very exciting. I had a great experience with The Knowledge Trust too. The application process was much easier than it usually is and everything was very clear and comprehensive.”

Lauren Hans

Bursary Winner!
“Thank you sooo much for the amazing opportunity!! I honestly still don’t know how I feel just yet, It still needs to sink in, but I can’t wait to start the journey with Red & Yellow .”

Nikezwa Mtshizana

Bounty Winner!
“I’m ecstatic for being given a platform to change people’s lives, when I started sharing opportunities I needed to add light to South African youth who have lost hope for opportunities. It’s amazing to be part of a network that encourages change and diversity, and continues building the community as a whole.”

Anelisiwe Maseti

Learnership Recipient!
“I’m very excited to have received this Learnership. The team at Woolworths has been awesome so I’m super excited. The experience with The Knowledge Trust was also amazing, the application process was great.”

Khanyisani Skade

Great New Job!
“I’m very grateful for The Knowledge Trust who assisted me a lot in getting the position. With the pandemic and economy, I’m very grateful. I don’t know how better to express myself in terms of my gratitude to The Knowledge Trust. This is a new experience – I’m always on the road getting prospects for new clients and I’m really enjoying it.”

Portia Mafuya

Learnership Recipient!
“I’m very excited because I’ve been home for a long time due to the pandemic so it’s great, I was so happy with the whole application process, it was easy and very straight forward.”

Tamea Jadoo

Great New Job!
“I’m pretty excited to start my new job. I’ve been looking for a job for a while, so joining Digital Planet is awesome. I also just finished studying Graphic Design, so to get an internship soon after is a win in my books.”

Kristen Brown

Bursary Winner!
“My experience with The Knowledge Trust was a great one! Everyone was extremely helpful, went above and beyond to assist me with anything that I didn’t understand or needed clarity on. Truly amazing individuals that work with the organization, so helpful and friendly.”

Jabulani Chabalala

Prize Winner!
“The course was like a motivational speaker to me and the volume was just right. I would like to thank Tsiba and Knowledge trust for this opportunity, it truly opened my eyes and changed my perspective on how I view myself and my future.”

Zinzile Sibanyoni

Learnership Recipient!
“I had a fantastic experience. This learnership gave me a headstart and I would have been stuck without it, it’s really opened doors for me. I had just left my job where I was unhappy, and two weeks later I got this learnership opportunity. It was a great blessing and the experience and process through The Knowledge Trust was magical.”

Shimi Molema

Learnership Recipient!
“The Knowledge Trust along with Red & Yellow changed my life. I saw a social media post about a marketing learnership. I had to make a tough decision because I was then an intern. I took the risk of applying – I was accepted to study Marketing and I am now Junior Account Executive at a PR agency. That couldn’t have been possible without them. Please continue to change the lives of young people who are looking not to be unemployed but want to make a career for themselves.”

Siba Mbele

Learnership Recipient!
“It’s been an incredibly taxing time looking for a job amid waves of the COVID-19 pandemic. People have been losing jobs with unemployment at the highest. It’s been amazing finding a company like The Knowledge Trust that is not only quick with feedback but is very consistent in posting vacancies that suit people in different career stages. The application process is so streamlined and easy to complete. Thank you so much for the work you do.”

Maria Tumelo Mariri

Bounty Winner!
“I’m so excited that I managed to share opportunities with my friends and community members, I’m very happy to be a winner.”

Dinah Kganaga

Prize Winner!
“Taking this course was a great experience, I have learned a lot about myself and a lot on how to work with people. TSIBA always kept their word in providing airtime after every module and that also kept me going because I knew that I’ll be rewarded so I kept on pushing and I’m so grateful for the opportunity. Thank you.”

Qhamani Deli

Learnership Recipient
“My experience with The Knowledge Trust was phenomenal. I’m so happy and can’t wait to start. Applying was also great – all the information was very accessible, there was not much admin. It was comprehensive and convenient.”

Bubele Ncanywa

Learnership Recipient!
“I am so excited to be starting my learnership. This is a huge opportunity and I haven’t been able to find opportunities like this. So, finding this one was really a blessing. It was so easy to apply and the process was really great – The Knowledge Trust also offered a Learnership Readiness Programme which was extremely helpful. Thank you.”

Collen Kagiso

Bounty Winner!
“This is such a great feeling. I’m so happy that I was able to invite people to The Knowledge Trust and assist them in getting jobs and other opportunities.”

Tumisang Motsaathebe

Bounty Winner!
“I really appreciate the R500 I won from The Knowledge Trust, frankly speaking, I am truly grateful, it came at the right time because I needed money to travel from Durban to Rustenburg to resume my work. Being part of the Community Builders is a blessing. God bless this initiative and I will proceed to share your opportunities.”

Blessing Mnguni

Learnership Recipient!
“I have recently completed my learnership in the midst of the Pandemic. I have learned how to focus, learned teamwork and most importantly I learned how to adapt to difficult circumstances. To the future learners, I plead to you not to give up, not to feel excluded and not to feel like everything is against you. That’s when things change for the better.”

Zamalunga Malunga

Bounty Winner!
“I did not expect this, thank you so much. This prize came at an unexpected time of need. Again thank you!”

Abigail Maebela

Learnership Recipient!
“I’m really grateful for the learnership I received. I can’t explain how much it helped me having gotten a qualification and work experience. The learnership was so important for my career and I fell in love with marketing too. I’m looking forward to pursuing my career further with this qualification. Keep doing the work you’re doing, it makes a huge difference.”

Innocent Mabena

Learnership Recipient!
“The organisation brought hope during one of the darkest times in the 21st century, and for that: Thank you to The Knowledge Trust, if only I could get you guys some well-deserved cold ones because I am more than 100% sure that I wasn’t the only one you guys managed to spark some light for within a very volatile time. Keep doing what you do!”

Mzwandile Phakola

Bursary Winner!
“I am extremely grateful for the opportunity, it’s a privilege and a gift. I will value and dignify myself, as the fact is, that these kinds of opportunities are not abundant and that it is just as much of a challenge to preserve it as it is acquiring it – a challenge I am willing to take and embrace my relationship with Equites. Thank you so much again for the opportunity.”

Mihlali Manqina

Bursary Winner!
“Can words really explain how I feel? I think not! My heart is filled with gratitude for all the hands that worked selflessly in helping me get this bursary. My success is everyone’s success. I am determined to use this opportunity to better myself and help those I can reach. My words to you are, wherever you are, in whatever you want to pursue, don’t ever think you’re not good enough.”

Kgaogelo Sarah

Laptop Winner!
“I got to study a free project management course with TSIBA because of joining The Knowledge Trust. I am delighted because at the end I received a prize. This site has got so many opportunities, it’s the best community I have ever joined in my life.”

Jessica Randall

Bounty Winner!
“Winning really is surprising. I am super grateful for the prize. It truly is a privilege. Thank you very much.”

Samkelo Jodo

Scholarship Recipient
“This opportunity means the world to me. It will certainly pave a great path for my future career. Back in high school I loved working on the computer and learning new things online. I grew a great love for the digital space and so, I’m really excited to expand upon that! I’m very grateful for this one of a kind opportunity. I’m really thankful that The Knowledge Trust and Inscape have faith in me. I feel that this program is truly amazing! This course will certainly open my mind and eyes to the digital world. It will not only improve my digital knowledge, but it will also improve my social skills. I’m so excited for what is to come!”

Tshepho Ntshong

Course Winner!
“I want to say thank you for the opportunity brought to me by TSIBA Academy and The Knowledge Trust – for enriching me with skills to be able to compete in the market. I didn’t know where or what to study, then I found this course in November. TSIBA showed up and I enrolled to study and achieve this powerful certificate. Ke a leboga TSIBA Academy le lena ba ga The Knowledge Trust kere swarand bjalo. Ke motha ka lena.”

Jordan Hay

Scholarship Recipient
“When I began the process of finding a university and course that suited me I struggled. I eventually landed on the Digital Marketing and Communications course that Inscape offered but the difficulties did not end there. My dad is the soul provider for our family and with an ill mother who needs special care, expenses were large and money was tight. The Knowledge Trust offered the solution for me to achieve my next academic milestone. The stressful waiting and constant refreshing of my emails was worth the wait when I got accepted for financial aid. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity they have provided me with, and knowing I have their help will make me work harder and make the most of what I have.”

Kylie Lourens

Scholarship Recipient
“Getting this scholarship was surprising because I doubted myself and didn’t think I would get it. I am so grateful I was given this opportunity, the team at The Knowledge Trust was so helpful and made it so easy – so thank you for that.”

Vika Ntsume

Prize Winner
“It’s a great and humbling feeling to win, but it was never the intention in the first place – as acquiring the skills and knowledge to improve oneself was the goal. Getting a prize was the cherry on top and the addition that made the experience that much sweeter.”

Muhammed Esau

Voucher Winner!
“The TSIBA Course was interesting, of great importance and is a great skill to have. Thank you very much for the opportunity. Thank you to The Knowledge Trust and TSIBA. As a student I am now able to purchase essential items for my future studies.”

Cheryl Sibanda

Bursary Winner
“I was very excited when I applied for the nmbrs opportunity. When I got the call for an interview, I was shocked! To be selected out of the many candidates that applied, I couldn’t believe it. I made it – I am so grateful to nmbrs and The Knowledge Trust for giving me this opportunity.”

Yoliswa Luzipo

Great New Job!
“I am still in disbelief as I have been job hunting for over 6 months since being retrenched. The Knowledge Trust has really given me a reason to look forward to a brighter future while building my career at the same time. The skills I will learn at the new company will open more doors for me in future. Thank you, I was on the verge of giving up, then you came through for me. I will forever be grateful. Finding a job during a pandemic has been a nightmare. I thank The Knowledge Trust for the opportunity.”

Phumzile Qwaqwa

Bursary Winner!
“I just want to take this moment to thank The Knowledge Trust for changing the lives of young South Africans. With so much going on in the world and our country, a positive moment deserves a pause of gratitude. I am genuinely grateful for the opportunity (YPO bursary) & still pinch myself in disbelief when I realise that I was the chosen one out of a large number of equally deserving applicants. This epitomizes my belief in ‘when it’s your time, nothing can stand in your way’. I wish The Knowledge Trust immensely well in its future endeavors. I hope every individual who has received an opportunity on the platform restores their faith in humanity and at least tries paying it forward to the next crop of leaders. Sending kindness and light to every young person looking for an opportunity on the platform.”

Kamogelo Modimoeng

Learnership Recipient
“I was really so humbled to secure a learnership through The Knowledge Trust. Job seeking is so difficult, The Knowledge Trust really lightened the load and provided me with ample opportunities to apply for. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity I’ve been awarded, and even more appreciative that The Knowledge Trust enabled me to have access to such opportunities.”

Sinayo Bizana

Voucher Winner!
“It was a depressing year being unemployed and all, thanks to The Knowledge Trust I was able to do a short course with TSIBA which kept me busy and motivated again – on top of that I won 2 Takealot vouchers, thanks a lot for all you are doing to help. Enjoy your Christmas all, I know I will, thanks again.”

Chandre Gosani

Prize Winner
“I am very pleased to win something and feel this course was one of the best experiences in my life.”

Monzita Heynes

Great New Job!
“I found The Knowledge Trust platform while looking for retail work online. I was extremely happy with the interview process and enjoyed myself”

Tumelo Mana

Bursary Winner!
“Thank you so much for the Red&Yellow bursary. It has kept me enhanced and occupied in these hard times we’re living under. I’ve learnt so much and still learning.”

Njabulo Mbanjwa

Bursary Winner!
“I am so excited about this opportunity. I have been longing to join HyperionDev, I believe it’s one of the best tech institutions in South Africa.”

Gaongaleloe Ntomane

Course Winner!
Just wanted to pass my gratitude to The Knowledge Trust – when life seemed like a dark tunnel, you brought light and gave us hope, thank you for the opportunities given to keep myself busy and equipped during this hard time and therefore allowing me to achieve my goal of acquiring a certificate in Project Management. The Knowledge trust made it possible. Halalaaaaa to The Knowledge Trust halaaalaaa, may your wonderful and kind deeds be told to generations to come.

Julia Bulawa

Voucher Winner!
“The TSIBA course was like therapy and self development. It was very good. I have gained knowledge which will help me in the near future and I will be forever grateful. I am also excited about winning and will use this voucher very wisely.”

Aphiwe Junda

Voucher Winner!
“It was hard to do the course because it’s online and data was a struggle but by the end I managed to win some and therefore was able to complete the course. Plus, it’s the festive season and this prize means me and my family can enjoy some good food thanks to TSIBA and The Knowledge Trust.”

Sine Nzuza

Bursary Winner!
“Oh wow! This is incredible! This helps me so much. Thank you for the opportunity! I actually can’t believe it. Applying for the eta College Bursary through The Knowledge Trust platform was so painless. Thanks so much.”

Nokukhanya Zulu

Learnership Recipient!
“I’ve already recommended so many of my friends to The Knowledge Trust – they host a swift platform that was easy to navigate, they were extremely helpful, always hands-on and nurturing through their communication. Through them I have started my learnership at FirstRand, it’s going really well and I am thoroughly enjoying it!”

Thebe Kgabo

Great New Job!
“I am extremely thankful that The Knowledge Trust connected me to an opportunity and made it easy for me to get noticed. Now I am starting my new job at #WeAreEgg

Zamalunga Malunga

Bounty Winner!
“I am so excited! I shared a link to the eta College Bursary in hopes that I would help someone earn this opportunity. I didnt expect this at all! Thank you!”

Nhlamulo Portia Mhlanga

Bounty Winner!
“You just made my day! Noooo! Hao Christmas gift coming early! Thank you very much for everything, I really appreciate it”

Alice Bonnes

Great New Job!
“Having the privilege of interning at The Knowledge Trust allowed me to come into contact with their platform, and get to see how many lives they change in the work they do. Never did I think that one of those lives would be mine! The team’s encouragement and guidance helped me to confidently apply for a position I really wanted as a copywriter. I wouldn’t have been able to get this job without them, and I’m eternally grateful!”

Mercia Bareng

Hamper Winner
“Wow I can’t believe it! I am so grateful right now. This means a lot to me because I got an opportunity to help someone access information regarding a bursary opportunity. Huge thank you to The Knowledge Trust”

Rixile Keith Chauke

Bursary Winner!
“I WON A BURSARY! I’m so happy, the feeling is priceless, words can’t describe how I really feel. My experience with The Knowledge Trust so far has been quite amazing, I have learnt SO much more than I thought I would and have used what I’ve learnt to my advantage. I am very thankful and grateful.”

Swazi Gamede

Bursary Winner!
“Having just won an Artisan Bursary, I feel extremely thankful for the opportunity and I believe this will give me a good push concerning the building of my career, I can’t wait to start thanks to The Knowledge Trust!”

Nontobeko Ngomane

Bursary Winner!
“I am very grateful for the opportunity given to me by The Knowledge Trust and I hope that it really changes my life forever. Not only did I win an Artisan bursary but also a Laptop which I can use to study online with no limitations, I am very happy and so excited. The Knowledge Trust is the best.”

Nompilo Okuhle

Data Winner!
“Wow! I am super excited to be the winner of the R750 data through The Knowledge Trust and FPD. Since I joined this organization my life changed a lot, I receive the necessary information needed in order to be successful in my life.”

Siphesile Dlamini

Learnership Recipient
“I am SO excited about winning the Red&Yellow Learnership! It’s been a tough year and this has truly been a turning point for me. The Knowledge Trust website was so easy to navigate and apply through. I’m so thankful for this opportunity! I can’t wait to start my learnership.”

Rhumani Lancelote Rilhotso

Tablet Winner!
“I am incredibly excited to have been the winner of the tablet through The Knowledge Trust – it’s making my life much easier as I am now able to access information more effectively. I joined The Knowledge Trust during lockdown in July this year, which proved to be highly beneficial during a time of uncertainty and I am therefore grateful to everyone who was involved in making this possible for me.”

Rochelle Jacobs

Learnership Recipient
“Grateful to The Knowledge Trust for giving us the platform to apply for learnerships. I’m excited about the learnership opportunity I earned at Red & Yellow, and I’m really looking forward to learning about digital marketing. I believe this qualification will give me a competitive advantage.”

Ikalafeng Galaletsang

Bursary Winner
“Thank you! I’ve just won a full bursary at FPD! The Knowledge Trust is the best platform I’ve ever joined. It’s led me to actively make decisions in order to become the best person I can. They have offered immense support and great opportunities – through this, I’m able to equip myself with the necessary skills required for an aspiring professional.”

Patricia Vamuhle

“I was miserable and sad because I wasn’t doing anything in life, but I have a reason to smile and wake up in the morning now that I am enrolled through The Knowledge Trust for Tsiba’s short course certificate in project management, teamwork and self-development. Thank you so much for this opportunity”

Phumzile Kumalo

Bursary Winner!
“I will always be grateful for the bursary I received from The Knowledge Trust to pursue my studies at Red & Yellow. They have helped catapult my career in the right direction.”

Luyanda Booysen

Great New Job!
“I have been given the chance to work at #WeAreEGG and The Knowledge Trust has undoubtedly been the highlight in earning this life-changing opportunity.”

Sinovuyo Kupiso

Great New Job!
“I joined The Knowledge Trust in hopes of finding a post that would take me out of my comfort zone – now, after a long journey, I’ve finally landed a job at EGG!

Stacy-Lee Walters

Great New Job!
“As a subscriber of The Knowledge Trust, I regularly checked out their weekly e-mails displaying all their available posts – Seeing the EGG vacancies had me immediately intrigued! After being let go due to Covid-19, it’s truly a blessing to have landed this awesome job. I would like to give a HUGE thank you to The Knowledge Trust team, this would not have been possible without them.”
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