Trusted Interns & Youth Capital Webinar: A Summary

We recently took part in a panel discussion with Youth Capital’s Kristal Duncan-Williams, Cornerstone Institute’s Lance Kieswetter, and Chulu Ngesi who is a member of our graduate community.

We discussed  some of the resources that young jobseekers in South Africa need access to during their journey to find work – peer-to-peer support, mentorship, career guidance, etc.

If you missed the chat, you can watch or listen to catch up on the full chat or just the main topics below:


What challenges do young people face while education? 

What is the impact of poor/no guidance on young jobseekers?

What is the benefit of support and mentorship in education and in your first job? How can mentors add practical value to individuals?

How can we establish mentorship programs in the workplace?

How can we make sure that people who are not in tertiary education institutions receive the career guidance and mentorship that they need?

What is Social Capital and what does it mean to jobseekers?

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